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I would watch about a hundred seasons of a romcom where two lady serial killers wind up sharing an apartment and trying to hide their crimes from each other


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Just because a person is a good actor, doesn’t mean they’d be good in any role. 

But Meryl Streep though.




give me first year sirius spouting the offensive rhetoric he’s been brought up on and being confused when peter is silent and uncomfortable and james looks at him like he doesn’t know him and remus doesn’t speak to him for a few days 

give me sirius deeply conflicted about being in gryffindor and completely shattered that his cousins won’t even look at him in the the great hall 

give me sirius of the Noble and Ancient House of Black proud and stubborn and fighting with james for days and ignoring the little (giant) seed of doubt he feels in his own resolve

give me remus finally snapping and demanding that sirius “stop using that word I don’t care if you come from a shitty family and if you’re trying, you need to try harder

give me sirius going home for christmas and flinching at the dinner table conversation and not being able to explain why he can’t finish his meal because his stomach is in knots

give me sirius desperately trying to talk to regulus about how “have you ever thought that maybe mum and dad aren’t right about blood status and stuff?” but receiving nothing but confusion and a blank stare from his little brother

give me second year sirius watching the sorting and begging, begging that regulus is put anywhere but slytherin so that maybe he won’t be alone in this sure but steady exile

give me remus and james and peter spending the entire feast trying to distract him from the whooping and back patting amongst his family on the opposite side of the room

give me sirius asking remus about his parents and working really hard to educate himself and being utterly livid with himself when he fucks up

give me sirius speaking up against his parents for the first time at Grimmauld Place and his heart rate picks up and his knees go numb under the table when he finally manages to say “well actually my friend remus is half-blood and he’s really smart!” and the churning mix of shame and anger he feels at his family’s sneers later when he’s trying to sleep

give me sirius desperately trying to talk his family about it, and his growing frustration as he meets wall after wall and his anger just grows and grows 

give me sirius simultaneously so proud and so sad as he watches andromeda’s name burned off the family tree; thinking about how lonely christmas will be without her there



girls don’t want boyfriends girls want a seven book series about the marauders’ life at hogwarts


also that whole tale of aragorn and arwen thing where he saw her in the woods at twenty and fell instantly in love and it’s very beren and luthien? lies.

aragorn decided he was going to marry arwen when he was like, six.

and everyone thought it was just the cutest thing, baby estel with his little crush on the great immortal evenstar, and everyone would tease him about it relentlessly and he would get so mad, and pout, because how dare they doubt his word.

(arwen spent a lot of time biting back smiles and nodding very seriously when aragorn brings this up with her. no, estel, I do not know why they are laughing perhaps they have remembered a particularly funny joke.)

and then aragorn grows into this gangly teen and oh my god can you imagine being a pimply greasy teenager around fucking elves it’s a wonder he has any self-image left. His voice breaks every other word and the laundresses are beginning to wonder if something is wrong with the sheets because estel keeps washing them himself and aragorn wants to die, god, arwen is never going to marry him if he stays all elbows and skinny knees and he can’t even look her in the eye anymore without blushing, eye contact is probably something to look for in a husband—

(arwen, who never had to go through puberty because elves don’t do anything so undignified, tries to comfort him by saying she likes his blemishes. aragorn gives her a look of such utter, miserable despair that she starts laughing.)

(this is a mistake. he spends the next three weeks nursing his wounded ego and refusing to see her.)

estel is twenty when he asks for her hand. he is lean, slender and fair as a new tree, and so arwen does not feel guilt in kissing his cheek and gently refusing. he is still green, he will weather greater storms than this—and he takes it as he should, clasping her hand and swearing to ever be her loyal friend.

they write to each other—when she is in lorien, when he wanders with the rangers of the north, fights alongside gondor, travels to distant lands. it is an inconstant tie—he is rarely afforded time enough to put pen to paper; she is reserved so as not to encourage what may not be. (she signs her letters always, your friend. She likes him too well to be cruel in this.)

the years pass. his weariness and strife creeps onto the page, and she sends him tokens to fend off the darkness—leaves from lothlorien, the ribbon from her hair, snippets of poems. it is not enough it is never enough I am sorry, she writes.

his reply is gentle: you are enough. do not stop writing.

(she carries that letter tucked inside her sleeve for a long while, like a talisman—though against what evil, she does not know.)

she is in the house of her grandmother when a familiar voice calls out to her: my lady luthien!

this is when arwen looks up, sees aragorn—broad of chest and rugged, still wearing his battered mail, with one hand balanced lazily on the pommel of his sword. All the trees of caras galadhon are gold but he is shadow and silver, kingliness resting lightly on his shoulders—

and arwen thinks, oh fuck


"We have no troubles here. Here, life is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. Even the orchestra is beautiful."

Alan Cumming as the Emcee in Cabaret.


New York Autumn - Central Park’s Most Beautiful Views


Around this time every year, I get a ton of messages and emails asking me when the leaves are changing in Central Park and what the best places are to soak in the best of Central Park in the autumn.

Central Park turns into a magical autumn wonderland in the fall.

Let’s explore:

What’s more romantic than 2 bicycles waiting next to trees dripping with autumn foliage? This photo was taken on the east side of Central Park near the East 70s. I usually enter the park in this area. It’s full of rolling hills. If you wander around during the peak of autumn, you are bound to catch views like this in quite a few places in this area:


If you happen to be in Central Park when the fall foliage is at its peak, make sure you stick around for an autumn sunset. This photo was taken adjacent to The Mall in Central Park. No, The Mall is not a giant shopping center. Rather, The Mall is a section of Central Park that runs from 66th to 72nd Street.

I usually enter Central Park from the east side of the park and follow the signs to get to The Mall. This is a pathway that is right next to The Mall. It has an abundance of trees that turn red in the autumn which makes it ideal for sunset gazing.


Right next to the Loeb Boathouse which is on the east side of the park near 72nd Street, is one of the most beautiful parts of Central Park in the autumn. The willow trees here turn the most vibrant shades of yellow and orange at peak foliage and you get a perfect view of San Remo (the two-towered building in this photo) as well as people in row boats on The Lake enjoying the last vestiges of nice weather.


Another favorite spot which I mentioned above is The Mall and Literary Walk (also known as Central Park’s Poet’s Walk). Central Park’s gorgeous elm trees form a giant canopy above the bucolic landscape.

This is Central Park’s Mall at dusk on a gorgeous autumn evening.


Adjacent to Central Park’s Mall are a line of protected elm trees. The elm trees in Central Park are some of the last remaining American elm trees in the world. Make sure you explore the area around the Mall and you will be rewarded with this amazing view of the elm trees whose leaves turn the most vibrant yellow and gold at peak foliage.


After you admire the elm trees, take a walk around the benches that surround the Mall on the side of the Mall leading to Bethesda Fountain. I love this area because at autumn’s peak, the leaves carpet the ground.


Bow Bridge is always my main goal when I go to Central Park to view the peak fall foliage. It’s a fairytale setting that seems to have made its way into reality. It’s also made an appearance in a Dr. Who episode and a ton of films (Spiderman 3 being one of them). Bow Bridge is located right in the middle of the park overlooking The Lake.

It is between 74th and 75th Streets and the easiest way to find Bow Bridge is to head to Bethesda Fountain and then follow the path from there to the Bridge. Central Park is an easy place to get lost in (even I get lost there on a regular basis despite going there often) but there are signs everywhere and I have never failed to find a knowledgeable NYer who is willing to help with directions (and who isn’t directionally challenged like I am!).


If you walk south away from The Mall on the East Side of Central Park and you are in the vicinity of the Alice in Wonderland sculpture (which is near 74th Street), there are a series of large rocks that people love to climb. The light is absolutely stunning there during the autumn especially when the leaves are covering the ground.


If you decide to follow the perimeter of The Lake instead of going south after gazing at Bow Bridge, you will be greeted with views like this.


Bow Bridge is also beautiful to view from the other side of The Lake. If you wait until the hour before sunset, the sun tends to set almost directly above Bow Bridge when you are standing (or sitting) at this vantage point.


If you are feeling slightly adventurous, definitely explore The Ramble. The Ramble is in the middle of Central Park between 73rd and and 79th Streets. It is 36 acres of something known as a “wild garden”. It was designed as a total escape from the city proper and has many winding paths through a gloriously rugged landscape.

In the autumn, it comes alive with color.


The rustic bridges in The Ramble are also beautiful when surrounded by fall foliage.


And finally, do not forget to walk down Central Park’s Bridle Path. The Bridle Path is runs adjacent to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. The reservoir runs from 85th Street to 96th street on the east side of the park.

During the autumn, the trees perfectly frame the skyline of Central Park West.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Are these the only beautiful autumn landscapes in Central Park?

If you notice, a lot of my top views are near the east side of the park. This is because for about 7 years I lived on the border of the Upper East Side and Harlem and I would walk down to this area to acquaint myself with Central Park. Familiarity breeds unabashed love.

Are there gorgeous areas of Central Park on the west side or further north and south? Of course there are. Central Park stretches across 840 acres of Manhattan. I just happen to be extremely enamored of this particular area due to my familiarity with it and my love of Bow Bridge.

Quite honestly, at the peak of autumn, you can’t really go wrong with most parts of Central Park. It’s basically an autumn wonderland full of fall foliage and piles of leaves.


When do the leaves change in Central Park?

Great question! I can give you only an approximate answer though since the peak has varied wildly over the last few years due to extreme weather (Hurricane Irene and Sandy).

Usually peak fall foliage in Central Park occurs towards the beginning of November. If New York City gets a lot of rain though, the quality of the fall foliage will vary. Lots of rain means less leaves on the trees and a less lush appearance during the peak. Also, if New York City is incredibly dry, the peak can take longer to occur.

Some years, peak foliage has occurred early towards the middle to end of October. The 2014 autumn season looks like it is starting a bit early. I have seen leaves changing already and the weather has been cool. These signs lead me to believe that we will see more color in October this year which is exciting!


How long does peak fall foliage last?

Not long enough.

No really. It’s only vibrant like in the photos in this post for around two to three weeks. Sometimes that time is cut short by rainfall and/or early snow. I wish it lasted for a month or two!



I hope you have enjoyed my autumn tour through Central Park :).


Looking for these (and more) New York City autumn photos to view larger? Here you go (click or tap on each photo to view larger):

New York Autumn

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Central Park Autumn


* All photos taken by me with a variety of Sony cameras over the years.


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Elderly Greek man ‘hoarded thousand coins of historical significance’ police said



THESSALONIKI (AFP).- An elderly Greek man was arrested for illegally obtaining a host of antiquities including more than a thousand coins of historical significance, police said on Monday.

Inside the 72-year-old man’s house in Alexandria, a village in northern Greece, police found 1,061 copper coins, a thousand of which date from the Hellenistic period (third to first century BC), the Byzantine period (330-1453) and the Ottoman Empire.

Police said they were seized on Sunday, as well as 30 silver coins of the same periods, 16 copper rings and other jewellery of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine era. The antiquities were examined by archaeologists who concluded that they are subject to the law protecting antiquities and the cultural heritage of Greece. An arsenal of 16 revolvers and rifles was also found as well as numerous metal detectors. The man has been charged in the past for illicit antiquities trafficking, authorities said. (source)